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Sunday, 25 March 2012

My Sunday Ritual

My Sunday ritual begins with a 35-minute stroll along Fraser Street. Those of you who don't think Fraser is cool enough, check out this site.

I turn left on 51st and there is the most charming Church in the city - St. Raphael Old Catholic Church established in 1921 (Read more at

An hour later, after the most beautiful mass and lots of talk about tolerance and love, I stroll back to Al-Watan Tandoori (6084 Fraser Street - Read more at Weekend Lunch Pakistani Style).

I am welcomed like an old friend. I don't even have to order any more - within five minutes a fresh platter of Chicken Biryani and a glass of Mango Lassi show up at my table. I just hang out, eat, and read for an hour or so.

In fact, I usually get so involved in my book and the delicious Biryani that a platter for four is cleaned up by one. 

Now I am ready to go back home to grumpy cats waiting to join me in my Sunday afternoon nap.



Janice said... this photograph of the shadowy pink corridor. it's delicious!

Janice said...

m, i love this photograph of this shadowy pink corridor. it's delicious!