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Friday, 9 March 2012

PFK Journal

I am sure I'll be getting nasty comments on this post. But what can I say, nothing beats a KFC dinner at the end of a long busy week.

And in Canada, we are lucky since we can mislead others pretending we are eating something special and call it PFK (want to guess what that stands for?).

I used to order by phone, but tonight I discovered that one can drive 6 minutes and pick them up - no wait, no hassle, free parking and this way I can eat them within less than 15 minutes of the decision to order (so next time you crave KFC, I'd be happy to deliver in return for a piece of chicken).

Or you can guess the answer to this quiz and win a PFK delivery: What is the probability of catching a KFC commercial on TV while eating this stuff (AND be able to document this precious moment on camera)?

Well, it is so good, despite the need to exercise it off for at least 10 days now.

But not all were my leftovers; many of them were debris from the cats' PFK invasion.

What a fun night and dinner indeed. Wonder if I can restrain off it for at least six weeks now? Tune in and find out. Till then, bon appetit!

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