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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Rubbing the Chicken

Last week I used three different Rick's Rub for the meal (read Rub á Trois).  

Tonight, Sunday dinner used one Rick's Rub - Heat, but used it in three parts of the dinner.

First, a roasting chicken was rubbed with 2 Tbs of Rick's Rub Heat and roasted slowly.

A perfect chicken. The flavours were subtle, the skin crunchy and the meat moist and flavourful. Thank you Rick for the hint.

Moving on to the roasted potatoes. I cut them into small chunks and rubbed them with oil and a pinch of Rick's Rub Heat.

This is where the heat flavours came out brilliantly. Those potatoes were delicious.

As the wine was being gulped, I decided to get more experimental. I recalled Rick mentioning that he uses the rub in sweets and baked goods. Now I am not sure he was referring to the Rick's Rub Heat, but that was the one I had out so I went for it.

I worked with what I had - two apples and one grapefruit. Those were pealed and chopped into chunks. They were sprinkled with 2 Tbs brown sugar and a generous pinch of Rick's Rub Heat.

I then added some nuts and fruit muesli and let all simmer on very low heat.

I underestimated the power of the rub's natural ingredients. Rick's Rub Heat has over five different types of peppers, let alone herbs, salt and garlic; so it is pretty powerful and those flavours were absorbed in both the fruit and the muesli.

I kept on adding brown sugar until the taste was just right - sweet enough but with a hot aftertaste that was unique, powerful and fun to eat.

Next time I will use just a small pinch or try one of the milder Rick's Rubs when using in desserts.

Now if only I used Rick's Rub in the popovers, I may not have forgotten all about them in the oven and burnt them (or was it too much wine?).

Judging from the amount of food consumed, the triple use of Rick's Rub Heat seemed to have been popular with the guests.

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