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Saturday, 3 March 2012

These Are A Few Of My Favourite...

...things, places, stores, brands, hangouts, etc. (Part B)

Part A is now in the top five most read blog articles out of 576 to-date so read it first (These Are A Few Of My Favourite ...Part A).

Coast Capital Savings (Yaletown Branch, 120 Davie Street & 51 other locations)

Banks are so passé - I credit union with Coast Capital Savings.

Their motto is "How Can We Help You" and they sure deliver.

Within less than 15 minutes visit, I changed my mortgage, contributed to my RRSPs, went through their Money Chat (an informal money management sensitization chat), discussed insurance, and made an appointment with their financial adviser!

Windsor Quality Meats (4110 Main Street)

After trying almost every butcher in the city of Vancouver (not kidding), I now buy all my meat from Windsor Packing Co. Ltd on Main & King Edward. They win on freshness, taste, price, knowledgeable friendly butchers, local meats and variety. Highly recommend it. 

(PS - That is not a bad picture - just a picture shot in a snowstorm).

East West Market (4169 Main Street)

Right across Windsor is this great local independent grocer; making it very convenient to do all your food shopping in one block.

Always fresh local vegetables and fruit. Despite the small aisles and crowded store, you can find all sorts of unique and specialty foods.

Some of what comes to mind are Mexican Pepsi (sweetened with cane sugar), frozen falafels, cheap almonds, every kind of flour you can think of, soy cheeses, olives, etc.

Friendly helpful cashiers finish off the pleasantness of the experience. Try it out.

Petro Canada on Knight & 33rd (1390 East 33rd Avenue)

I am not the only one who needs food; Joey does too. And Joey loves this Petro Canada station. Even though it makes it there once a month only, they remember me. Everyone is simply pleasant, particularly the kid that always runs out to fill up Joey, knowing exactly what it likes to gobble.

Let me know if you'd like more of These Are A Few Of My Favourite articles in comments below.

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Cynthia Rhose said...

I can relate to you with the independent market being one of my favorite things. i love the small feel to the locally owned shops and things that I shop at. I like to have a more personal feel to my shopping needs.
Cynthia |