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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Dinner in Red

What do these two pots have in common? Red curry sauce, red peppers, red chili and whole grain red jasmine rice making tonight's dinner in red.

And the red curry was made from scratch - a thick roux of hot oil and masala powder was used to fry chopped onions, grated ginger, finely chopped hot red chili and whole cardamom seeds.

Add to that potatoe pieces, fry them a bit, then repeat for the chicken and the red peppers.

Combine all back in the pot with a full can of tomatoe paste and some water and let simmer for an hour or so.

You cannot ruin all this red with white rice (plus I am still on lent with nothing white and/or creamy). 

This whole grain red jasmine rice is famed to be a Thai gourmet rice. It cooks nicely and tastes really good.

I am very proud of my spontaneous original dinner creation tonight. 

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