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Thursday, 29 March 2012

A Thursday at Work

If you read the Thursday entries on the blog you'd note that Thursdays are the wild fun days.

So why change it today. My team wants to see The Hunger Games. Everyone is under stress. Well, let's go to the movies.

But no one at work can do anything without food involved and watching movies on an empty stomach is no fun.

So off we go to one of six Guu restaurants in the city.

And apparently, every one of those six Guu restaurants have a different approach to feeding guests.

This was Guu Original (838 Thurlow St, Vancouver, BC) with a very limited lunch menu.
 Guu Original on Urbanspoon

If you are vegetarian, don't go to this one for lunch. Those weird pickles I left untouched is your only choice. 

The grilled mackerel was not bad, but filled with bones.

Now off to the movies. We bought our tickets then realized we had 1.5 hours to kill. 

Nothing better than a team meeting with some refreshments to feel productive and kill time.

The Hunger Games was worth all the wait eating and drinking and the media hype around it. 

I have read the book and the movie was very true to the book. Their depiction of the Capitol inhabitants was exactly how my wild mind imagined them while reading the book. On the other hand, some characters appeared more refined and civilized than how I imagined them from the book.

But this is not a movie blog, so will leave my critique to this and recommend the movie. As for Guu, I should leave my final verdict until I give one of the other five locations a try.


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