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Friday, 30 March 2012

You're Definitely Welcomed at Luke's Corner

Throughout your experience at Luke's Corner Bar & Kitchen, you cannot miss, let's call it a motto or a slogan, You're Welcome Here

And Luke's Corner Bar & Kitchen sure delivers. It was very flattering to be personally introduced to and welcomed by the owner. And the welcoming feeling transcended to the servers and the hearty, warm, fun and value priced food.

Not only is the food good, but it catered extremely well for my fascination with the unique and different when it comes to food. To choose one of the 5 Bucks appetizers was difficult, but the wok seared Sichuan Beans with chili sauce and prosciutto was an excellent choice and the beans were fresh and crunchy - yum. Next time I am going to go to the extreme of trying the P & P (fried pickles and peppers).

Many options of main dishes from the regular burgers and steaks to the options of 3 different Luke's Natural Dogs (maple thyme, spicy chorizo, mild Italian) and the (next visit's choice) Auntie Erin's Chicken Club with humus on a crusty baguette. But just look at this gorgeously carnivorous seducing House Made Veggie Burger I had.

Quinoa, eggs and almonds come together with wild mushrooms and black beans to generate this thicker and fluffier than any veggie burger I have ever eaten. Taste, texture and substance enhanced with a brioche bun and those perfectly done yam fries.

And this was only lunch. I can just imagine the buzz this place has in the evenings. I understand they are starting a Real Housewives of Vancouver nights on Wednesday nights. 

Or, if you are are planning a theatre date, check out their Tuesday's Theatre Date Night with over 30% savings on dinner and Stanley Theatre show.

Luke's Corner, I sure felt welcomed and enjoyed the food. I will be back again soon.

Luke's Corner Bar & Kitchen
2996 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC
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