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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Tourism in Burnaby

15 minutes driving and we are in Burnaby for the first official touring day.

You'd think Metrotown is the only attraction of the city of Burnaby. We skipped it and went for unique discoveries which included: 

Riverway Golf Clubhouse
9001 Bill Fox Way
Burnaby, BC

Pita Bread Factory
7070 14th Avenue
Burnaby, BC

The Riverway Golf Clubhouse may look overly fancy from the outside. 

But once you are in, you are welcomed with warmth, lack of pretentiousness and overall good vibe.

It was now just after 11:00 am and the scenery from the restaurant warranted a lounging visit.

A bottle of local rosé, parents' favourite wine, was ordered and enjoyed as we nibbled on some appetizers.

The TRIO was not as tasty as it looked. Wild candied salmon over what I think were pear chunks and smoked tuna over pickles were okay.

The prosciutto was served over a delicious date puree and a sprinkle of goat cheese.
Our server was the best I have encountered in years in Vancouver restaurants.

She pleasantly accommodated the parents' dining preferences and customized the platters for them along with friendly conversation.
While parents thought the meat was excellent, the Mahi Mahi burger was overwhelmed with toppings and sauces. The opinions of the fries were mixed.

I hear the sirloin burgers are exceptional - next time.

Clubhouse at Riverway Golf on Urbanspoon 

The other discovery was worth getting lost for in Burnaby.

All those stale pita you buy in stores all over the city originate from this factory. The only difference is that everything is fresh here.

I stocked up on enough pita to feed my block for less than $10.

They also carry bagels, naans, wraps, Greek bread, pizzas and Manakeesh. But I will be making those fresh in the morning if you are around my neighbouhood.

The rest of the sites were nothing to write home about.


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