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Friday, 20 July 2012

2 Special Ladies, 1 Very Special Birthday

Mother and daughter, birthdays close to each, mother turning 90 and what a lovely 90 year old she is. A celebration was definitely in order.

The table was spread with all that will go well with BBQ kebobs. But the monsoons today messed up the plan.

Plan B kicked in. Haloum sails were baked in the oven (not as crunchy as on a BBQ, but the same addictive taste nonetheless).

The kebob meat cubes were sliced thin and grilled on stove top, turning them into a mock shawarma. 

And since BBQ is now indoors, a warm platter was in order - a dressed up rice.

Rice and vermicelli was cooked in chicken broth. Then a couple of minutes before the rice was done, it was sprinkled with fresh oregano, cubed peppers and carrots. A delicious, beautiful looking Lebanese-style biryani; trademarked on the spot as Riz Maryamieh.

But nothing made the special ladies happier than their favourite sour cream chocolate cake.

 Happy birthday lovely ladies and looking forward to celebrating your 100th.


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