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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Summer Snacking

This week was filled with spontaneous and not so spontaneous snacks that were interesting enough to blog about.

A regular one is my delicious breakfast this week.

A new Nature's Path Optimum discovery - the Cranberry Ginger with 32% of daily fibre requirement. I love it.

So every morning, I fill up the bowl with cereal, go to jardin and pick up fresh raspberries, pour the milk and sit and enjoy the start of the day. 

On a couple of days, this was a mid-day snack as well.

A sunny afternoon, my favourite neighbour drops by with chocolate chip cookies. I drop a couple of mangoes in the blender with some yogurt and rose water and we share a cookies and mango lassi treat.

Late afternoon snack after a hungry day (or was it dinner?) is from Main Street: roasted chicken, pre-made Peruvian rice, some pre-packaged tzatziki and marinated artichoke hearts. Not bad for a spontaneous meal.

One relaxed afternoon, the bread-maker comes out, a bunch of ingredients go in, and a Martian looking whole wheat loaf comes out.

Fresh bread in place, the leftover chicken from the above (well the ones cats did not eat) are chopped and mixed with carrots, cucumber, pickles, pepper and mayonnaise to make a fresh delicious chicken salad on jardin lettuce.

somerville kitchen loves its carbohydrates, so keeping with the fresh theme, fresh potato chips were prepared for a lovely light dinner.

A friend visiting mid-day. I pick up Pizza on Fraser Street, she brings cookies, butter tarts and a bottle of lime Perrier and we hang out enjoying jardin in the middle of a working day - sweet.

Snacks extended to the leftovers from last night's dinner (read 2 Special Ladies). The somerville original rice was covered with leftover meat, freshly picked jardin gai-lan and heated to make a beautiful looking somerville kitchen biryani.

Summer snacking had me a blast;
Summer snacking happened so fast; Summer days drifting away to oh oh the summer nights...

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