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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Coast is Good

Coast Restaurant's website describes it as Fresh, Vibrant, Made in Vancouver. So true.

I used to be a regular a decade ago when it first opened in Yaletown. This is what I always had and loved at Coast (tonight's were the Kusshi from Baynes Sound).

But little did I know that, in their new location, they are also known for their sushi. Supposedly they have one of the best sushi chefs in the city (it sure was nicely done and excellent fish qualify).

Their fish are simply grilled - pricy, but excellent fish quality. Mine was a BC Sable Fish (which is really a black cod under its sexier name). 

It does not come with much, so you are on the hook to order sides. But their sides are definitely worth the money. The two favourite ones sampled are the Crispy Brussels Sprouts (I have to crack how to make them this crispy)...

... and the Prawn Mac & Cheese with tarragon. I thought it will be rich and heavy, but no, it was surprisingly very tasty and light.

Dessert was sampled, and I fell in love with something white and creamy on top of a peanut butter cookie (in the far left of the platter).

Here's to rediscovering Coast.

Coast Restaurant
1054 Alberni Street
Vancouver, BC

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~T.E.~ said...

the secret to crispy brussel sprouts is that you can cut them up and deep fry them and then add crumbled bacon and seasonings...just saw that on the Shopping Bags with Anna Wallner and Kristina Matisic....looks delish.