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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Yek O Yek on Main

Yek O Yek (3046 Main St.) is an amazing little Iranian Foods store with lots of offer. In fact, it is more than a store. It is a deli, a warm food restaurant, a cafe, a bulk food depot. You can even pick up an Iranian ice cream there as you stroll Main Street.

Here are the contents of my shopping bags from Yek O Yek today.

You can only find it at Yek O Yek, frozen Fried Herbs for Ghormeh Sabz.

This is the base for my favourite Iranian stew (I will fill you in more once I cook it - stay tuned).

Bags and bags of cheap, quality grains in bulk:

- Short grain brown organic rice
- Long grain brown basmati
- Pearl wheat; perfect for Hrisseh
- Every colour and grade of quinoa you will ever need

Full ready-to-go meals. The lamb shank comes with saffron rice while the kebabs come with basic basmati rice.

They also have the best quality middle-eastern meat pies on the city.

Add a couple of those pies to the take-out and you have dinner ready for four.

Yek O Yek
3046 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

Yek O Yek Deli & Bulk Foods on Urbanspoon

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