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Monday, 9 July 2012

Coffee or Wine?

Use both coffee and wine according to Jacki Baxter's The Coffee Book.

Yes, this is a cookbook I received from a special friend on Christmas 1988. I have tried many recipes from it, but tonight's Chicken Casserole was a novel one.

It is real simple. You season 0.5 cup of flour and coat the chicken with it.

You then gently fry the chicken in a mix of butter and oil and remove from the pan. Now the drinking begins.

Add a cup of hot freshly brewed coffee and a cup of white wine to the pot. 

Mix in the leftover flour, make a thick sauce, then add the chicken pieces, shallots and vegetables.
I stuck to the recipe's zucchini and carrots, but I'm sure you can improvise.

The final touch are rinds and juice of a lemon.

Simmer away for 30 minutes and enjoy.

To add more excitement, I added a Tbsp coffee to the rice water and used brown rice.

Once rice was ready, I topped it with fresh jardin gai lan and covered the pot until I was ready to eat.

With all this wine and coffee, I may stay up all night tonight. Try it and enjoy.

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