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Friday, 10 August 2012

Dining in the Townships

Drinking in the Townships included dining adventures as well.

Tucked away behind the tasting room at Domaine De Chaberton winery is a great discovery - Bacchus Bistro.

The setting, a patio overlooking the vineyards, is perfect for a lounging lunch.

And loungers were there in abundance; and they were all female, rich, elegant and over 50. No wonder the staff all were young men out of university. 

As the only male on the patio, I had the pleasure of being served by the only more mature and exceptionally competent female server.

The restaurant offers a Table d'hote at prices lower than main course meals at Yaletown restaurants and definitely with more food on the plate.

The Bacchus Salad was a perfect start to the meal.

Beautifully constructed local greens covered with generous slices of smoked salmon and drizzled with mayonnaise mixed with caper and tuna juices.

Lunch was a pan seared rockfish over a very tasty pepper-tomato-olives sauce.

The fish was delicious. The sauce a bit overly oily and heavy, as was the sauce covering the steamed potatoes.

And a dessert option that aligned with my requirements - white and creamy. 

A fluffy meringue (tasted more like marshmallows) wrapped with caramelized honey web and floating in a sweet creamy sauce. Irresistible. I even broke down and enjoyed a beautifully crafted café au lait with dessert.

Bacchus Bistro
1064 216 street
Langley, BC
Bacchus Bistro on Urbanspoon

But wait, more food to be discovered in the townships. This cosy stop on 16th Ave was exactly what I was looking for.

It is not really a farm, but had a small variety of fresh produce.

The strawberries are the best I had this year, specially that  our city's stores seem to be only stocking the tasteless genetically modified filled with air imports.

And there were also samosas!

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