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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Escapade to Squamish - The Town

As part of yesterday's Escapade to Squamish was a tour of beautiful sceneries, Main street discoveries, and a patio lunch on the water.

Main street in Squamish is a couple of blocks stroll that includes everything you need with funky stores and public art.

The tea sign outside the tea store was cheeky enough to tempt us in. The sales people were not drinking enough tea though - better looking but not smart enough to tell us about their store or teas.

Another cheeky gift store carried those funky bags made from old fashioned swimming caps. I would have bought one if the sales person acknowledged our presence.

The cat store was my favourite. Well, it is not really a cat store, but a store of different spiritual and oriental this and that.

But the owner is a self-claimed cat lover (no wonder this store had the best service) and explained how she distracts kids in the store by asking them to find all the cat objects around (and there are many).

I, on the other hand, opted to run out before I stocked up on endless cat figurines that I have no space nor need for.

We explored many options for lunch, including few given to me by a Squamish resident. 

But those Squamish residents seem to like eating out since everywhere was packed.

Given the heat, we opted for an off the road place called The Watershed Grill. It had a beautiful patio, sandwiches and salads - perfect for the heat of this Squamish mid-day.

We made ourselves at home very quickly enjoying an apricot hefeweizen which was exceptional. The beer experience was further enhanced as we looked at the flowing water right underneath the patio.

My lunch was the Fish Tacos - three large soft tacos packed with nicely flavoured grilled fish.

The french fries, on the other hand, were a disappointment - frozen fries coated with salt.

  The Watershed Grill
41101 Government Street
Squamish, BC

The WaterShed Grill on Urbanspoon

All in all, a nice visit and obviously more to discover in Squamish.

Now if only I had one of those to whip up the highway every weekend, that will be the fun way to do it.

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