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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Foundation

On a beautiful stroll down Main street, one is arrested by those thoughtful words.

Right around the corner is a place that witnessed many meetings of such citizens over the years.

The Foundation is a vegetarian restaurant that has been packing in crowds from noon (does not open before noon, even for lunch) till late night for years on end.

I have tried it few times before and it is always a pleasant experience and a healthy meal.

The Foundation loves its jars - water, designated drivers' drinks (and I am guessing coffee and such) are served in those jars. Wonder what their beer bottle rockers are served in?

I ordered the Upper East Side - black beans and mango. They were served over quinoa instead of rice.

Beautiful look, excellent quinoa texture and a very mild taste. Leaves you a bit hungry though.

My companion had one of the two vegetarian burgers. It looked beautiful indeed.

Again, healthy to the maximum and the buns probably helped with hunger reduction.

By 2:00 pm the place was packed with hipsters and hamsters that it took us easily 15 minutes to get our server to take our money and release us.

I like the Foundation but I am not sure I can visit it as regularly as some of my favourites given limited menu and abundance of healthy indulgences. But that does not mean you shouldn't try it if you haven't - you may be pleasantly impressed.

The Foundation
2301 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

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