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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Fresh Italian at Campagnolo

In the blooming Hastings Sunrise (or is it East Village now) is a blooming with freshness Italian restaurant - Campagnolo Roma.

While lunch menu is limited, the day's specials are varied. Sungolds (trendy tomatoes) and fennel seemed to be the theme, so a selection for two included:

... a mixed cucumber, fennel, sungold, basil and lime vinaigrette. Fresh, beautifully presented, tasty, expensive for the portion though.

... the Rigatoni with sungolds (again), garlic and chili had a good kick, a bit of olive oil brought out the flavours making it a light pasta lunch. (fennel sausage and sungold) they do well. Beautiful crust, light and flavourful. Campagnolo Roma has a variety of what they refer to as white pizza - no tomato sauce. Ours was a white pizza and the lightness was apparent.

... and as part of doing pizza well, they bring this mixture of peppers and herbs. It looks benign but it is hot, so careful how much you use. Great idea though, supporting that pizza is the winning game here.

Campagnolo Roma
2297 East Hastings
Vancouver, BC

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