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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Sugar - A Smile in Every Bite

From an 8 years ritual of up to 30 girlfriends putting together baking parties came the idea of Sugar.

As of July 1 this year, the ritual turned into a business - Sugar  ( and the girlfriends are making and selling thousands of customized, beautifully decorated sugar cookies. For now, the production is out of the owner's kitchen. But the search is on for commercial kitchen space.

The recipe is basic - a sugar cookie made with real butter, real vanilla beans, elegance and lots of passion.

The presentation is not basic at all.

A sophisticated (yet manual) process of printing visuals on edible natural paper with vegetable dyes on a specialty food-safe approved printer. 

The visuals are then 'taped' on the cookies with meringue-based icing and sprinkled with sugar.

Meringue icing means shelf life close to a month, which means ideal corporate gifts for clients and events.

They don't have to be corporate gifts only. Customized or pre-made are all over Sugar's website for gifting to loved ones.

And a variety of online payment options and fast deliveries make them even more appealing gifts.

The kitchen is also experimenting with new flavours. A maple bacon recipe was a hit and a cheaper, healthier competitor to the fatty bacon doghnuts popping up everywhere.

A gluten-free version is also in lab development so stay tuned.

But meanwhile, it is the Halloween collection coming up soon to keep an eye on. I am so ordering those.

With 2 hours watching the operation in action and lured by baking smells, I bit into one.

The edible paper just melts in your mouth and all that is left is a taste of home-made, old fashioned sugar cookies.

Check them out...


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Anonymous said...

I love the dogs! And what a great unique idea to be able to print a logo on the cookies!