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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Love at Tatsu

My third date with Tatsu was all about love, 2628000 minutes of love.

The volume of love in the air must have overwhelmed our servers tonight, they tried to leave us in peace longer than the hungry wanted.

But when they showed up, they showed up in droves and took and delivered our feasting order efficiently. 

Feasting included trying Tatsu's simplified, healthier version of Gomae - you don't even think there was sesame dressing on it. Tomatoes, real peanuts and lemon added a mediterranean feel to it (is this why I love you so much Tatsu).

The Tempura appetizer platter flew on the table in a shape of a carriage of love (or is it a loving swan).

The best in the city extremely fresh, chunky and tasty salmon sashimi was laid out beautifully over a love birds' nest. And loving those tender pieces of salmon were.

Meanwhile, a lonely cup of tea was at the table, half drunk prior to our seating. 

A jealous ghost, or an angel of love, must have been with us all night since the cup kept on seeming emptier while the servers kept on refilling it. Wonder who was drinking it.

Despite all the goodies at Tatsu, every visit will include my favourite salmon tataki roll - a salmon avocado roll covered with tataki salmon (meaning slightly seared). The server recommended we tried the tataki tuna sashimi next time, I think I'd like that with a drizzle of lemon.

And that is the story of the third Tatsu date (click on number to read all about 1st and 2nd dates).

Tatsu Japanese Bistro
1441 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC

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