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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Wacky Thursday at Its Best

Yes, I know this is a food blog, but what I did this Thursday was so wacky and so much fun that there was no way it was not going on the blog.

And yes, you are reading right - a Letter Writing Club at The Regional Assembly of Text; one of my favourite stops along Main Street and where I have spent a lot of dough on notebooks and such over the years.

Here's the scoop. Every first Thursday of each month, The Regional Assembly of Text opens its doors after hours (@7:00 pm) and all are welcome to come in, enjoy a cup of tea and cookies (see, there is food), pick up one of a dozen available typewriters and start typing letters.

To make it more fun, they provide some of their funky, quality stationary and envelopes - all for free. 

The typewriter above is the one I chose. It worked well, even though the I types with a shadow and I could not find the 1.

It was so exciting being on a typewriter and I was instantly at ease with it. After all, my dad taught me how to type on a typewriter, not a computer keyboard (yes, I am that old). And it was great fun to work with a real typewriter after all these years.

So what goes on at a letter writing club? A dozen youngsters (and me) sit around a long table, each with their own typewriter. And the typing noise explodes as we all get lost in our writing.

I went in with no pre-planned ideas on who to write to and what to write, which made it more interesting, but less productive.
But two letters were written addressed and mailed, cookies were sampled and I had the  most fun at something new that I had in a long time. 

I may make old fashioned letter writing a habit. Who knows, I may type my blog entry next type and post a picture of it.

The Regional Assembly of Text
3934 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

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~T.E.~ said...

hey M, back in the day, we used a lower case L as the number 1 when typing...