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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A Lesson in Black Bean Sauce Cooking

Six weeks ago, I attempted making a black bean sauce stir fry from a bit of home made black bean sauce that I received (read story at Wednesday's Stir Fry).

At the end of that story, I admitted failure and declared that I will have to invite the sauce maker to teach me what to do. 

And I did.

Learning 1:

Black bean sauce works well with tofu. Tofu does not have much flavour as is and the black bean can really enhance its taste.

Learning 2:

Cut vegetables small, don't have a lot of them, this will help absorb the flavours better and enjoy the taste of black bean sauce.

Learning 3:

Add Black Bean sauce at the end to make sure the flavours mix well.

Mix it first with water and then add to the stir fry.

Thank you teacher - here's the delicious and beautiful looking dinner.

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