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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Poor Pumpkins....

... you throw them in the car, you carve them, you cook them, you roast their seeds and you turn them into cat toys.

And their fate is the same at somerville kitchen.  First they grew in le jardin (read Wacky Pumpkin). Then they were carved. 

And as if that is not enough, more pumpkins were bought and their fate was slotted to be more cutting, carving, cooking and eating.

So what did I cook with the pumpkin this Halloween? somerville kitchen created an easy pumpkin stew.

Onions were fried in butter, beef chunks added, then chunks of pumpkins and potatoes. All were covered with beef broth and simmered for hours as the kids pounded on the door and showed their hunger-for-sweets games. It was delicious!

And let's not forget the artificial pumpkins - no Halloween is complete without them.

After all this pumpkin talk, cats settled for crows. Happy Halloween!

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