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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Diner Dinner @ somerville kitchen

Replacement Chef turned somerville kitchen tonight into a diner with club sandwich (+French Fries and Coleslaw) and doughnuts. 
Along the way, Replacement Chef discovered a brilliant no mess way to prepare crispy bacon.

Kitchen Tip
Lay the bacon on foil paper on cooking sheet. Put in a cold oven then turn the heat to 400. Keep there for a total of 20 minutes. 

They came out perfect - crispy, flat and delicious. Most impressive that there were no stoves and pans to clean - just throw away the foil paper.

For chicken, a perfect product discovery, Lilydale Carved Chicken breasts.

Those are pre oven cooked and carved, no preservatives, and taste amazing - ideal for club sandwich production.

The production begun. Every inch and corner of the toast was covered with mayonnaise; lettuce and jardin tomato added on top and a delicious three story club sandwich was served.

But wait, dinner party not over as Replacement Chef connections fly in with this.

Probably the best of the doughnuts' craze hitting Vancouver, Lucky's Doughnuts does it well. The collection included old fashioned pistachio, mango, chocolate, salted caramel, glazed and a crawler. Guess which were my favourites?

Lucky's Doughnuts
2902 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

Lucky's Doughnuts on Urbanspoon

 Thank You Replacement Chef and Your Doughnut Calming Connection.

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