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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Discovering Lin

Someone read about it, someone suggested trying it and there I am at Lin Chinese Cuisine and Tea House.

The owner, manager, or just head server is a woman whose super abrupt service is actually a pleasant experience and adds to the unique ambiance of Lin.

Once you are over the change in servers' attitudes from distant, abrupt to effusively happy to serve, and realize that no table is a good table, you can sit back and enjoy some of the freshest, MSG free, low sodium and tasty Chinese food in our city.

The menu is not as huge as some other Chinese restaurants but definitely varied with many of the expected and more unique dishes.

Tan Tan Vegetarian Noodles is a Chinese dish I cannot resist and don't find often.

Lin's version is not as thick as other versions I tried before, definitely not overly spicy, but fresh and tasty nonetheless.

Another irresistible item are those Shanghai Noodles, filled with won ton soup.

Even more irresistible is seeing the ladies making the dumplings by hand right there and then in the restaurant.

The house Chow Mein was nicely done.

Crispy noodles covered with freshness of both the meats and the vegetables. Mild flavour, definitely not salty, spicy, and obviously completely MSG free.

The Lemon Chicken was good, but I would probably ask for the sauce on the side next time since there was way too much sauce and it was overly sweet.

Still, the platter was cleaned along with all others.

And all for the most reasonably priced quality Chinese food in the city.

Lin Chinese Cuisine & Tea House
1537 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Lin Chinese Cuisine and Tea House 林餐館 on Urbanspoon

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