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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Fancy Easy

Last month I cooked a wonderful Indian meal from Reza Mahammad's new book (Read Weekend with Reza).

Part of that was a yoghurt marinade that Reza mentioned can stay in the fridge for months.

And it did, until tonight when lamb kebabs were marinated in it overnight.

A perfect fall night brought out the indoor grill and the lamb kebabs slowly grilled on it, with beautiful aromas throughout somerville kitchen.

What to go with this meat?  I remembered  a package of Jennifer's Jiffies curry rice pilaf that I bought few weeks back and been waiting to try (read Sunday @ Kits Market).

Why not, it fits very well with the fancy easy theme of tonight's Indian-inspired dinner.

So pleasantly surprising how easy it was to turn this package into a tasty, spicy and beautiful looking platter.

More importantly, all from natural ingredients - the package included grains, dried vegetables, herbs and nuts; nothing else.

And a fancy easy dinner was served.

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