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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Weekend in the City

Ventured into the city on the long weekend; bustling Robson Street and discovering Ap Gu Jung Korean Cuisine.

Copying what most Koreans are eating, our meal was a hot pot and a seafood pizza.

The hot pot cooks on the table. The choice is the traditional spicy pork backbone stew with potatoes, vegetables and a big stack of Japanese basil.

Meat already cooked, it's the broth that gets heated up on the table.

Seafood pizzas all around us; we tried, we liked, until I realized there was octopus in it.

It is really an egg pie given no crust - definitely worth trying despite the octopus taking you by surprise.

But the real treats are the assorted sides that are typical of Korean restaurants.

Kimchi amazing, seaweed pickles tasty, cold potato pickles the best.

A fun night in the city indeed.  Thank you lady for hosting.

Ap Gu Jung Korean Cuisine
1642 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC

Ap Gu Jung Korean on Urbanspoon

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