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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Back to Lin

Last month I discovered Lin Chinese Cuisine and Teahouse (read Discovering Lin).

It was a pleasant discovery that when dim sum came to mind, so did Lin.

Just to make sure, a phone call to the restaurant was answered by the same super abrupt woman that came with the discovery of Lin. "Do you have dim sum?" was the question. "We are Northern Chinese food" was the answer.

It is not necessarily a dim sum menu, but enough interesting dishes to sample as dim sum that are definitely unique to this place that is very quickly climbing up to make it into my Favourite Places (need to try it one more time to be sure).

Watching the women making those dumplings, they had to be on the list (again).

Those are Shanghai style juicy dumplings with soup inside - a perfect warming dim sum item.

But the highlight were those green onions marinated meat pancakes.

Difficult to explain, but think of a cooked pork and green onion wrap that hits you with unique flavours and textures.

The pan fried pork buns were also unique, but mainly in texture.

The spicy wontons were not as spicy (it is Northern Chinese food as we were warned after all), but the freshness of their wontons is unbeatable.

And as I was taught by my Chinese friends, a dim sum ends with a noodles dish - again full of freshness and flavour.

Lin Chinese Cuisine and Teahouse
1537 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Lin Chinese Cuisine and Tea House 林餐館 on Urbanspoon 

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