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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Does Thyme Grow in Tokyo?

When I asked Google the question "Does Thyme Grow in Tokyo", the answer was yes.

But that is not the point of this article. This is about Tokyo Thyme, a small, cosy, elegant sushi restaurant in Kerrisdale. And it was worth venturing out in the snow to try it.

The most entertaining dish is a make your own sushi affair.

A stack of tuna and salmon, beautifully presented, that you mix it on the table then make your own rolls (well not inside out rolls, since those can get messy given the small table you are working on).

When we asked for Tempura, our server said they don't have it, but we can have Yam Temp - it was mainly yam tempura with a shape twist. It was excellent.

Rolls, tuna sashimi salad and all sorts of options, all artistically prepared, beautifully presented and worth driving to Kerrisdale for.

Tokyo Thyme
5405 West Boulevard
Vancouver, BC

Tokyo Thyme on Urbanspoon


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