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Friday, 14 December 2012

Sad Day

A sad day at somerville kitchen as kitchen cats left us to heaven after being part of the family for 13 years and 8 months.

Cats was so loving and loved that, despite going down from 4 kg to 2 kg in less than 3 months, he retained love till the last minute.

Cats loved food but was finicky of what he eats. Minutes before leaving us, cats refused all foods except a juicy bison snack.

Cats would beat anyone to the dining table, inside or out, and always managed to get a taster (or at least a sniff if vegetarian) of human foods.

And when all fails, leftover meat chunks on the BBQ grill will do just fine.

Cats was the king of any scene, including Facebook where kitchen cats had 1,789 Facebook friends; all cats (check profile at Somerville Cats).

And not to mention cats' own blog (see

You are so missed by those who loved you. Rest in peace and come visit in our dreams.


Marwan George Khoury said...

May he rest I peace and may his memories rest in our hearts

Anonymous said...

So sorry, Majid

J. [Ontario]

Margaret said...

So sorry to hear that Nelson's buddy/nemesis is gone. He was one crazy cat and I know he was the best friend in the world for you Majid.

margaret said...

I am so sorry to hear that Nelson's buddy/nemesis is gone. I know he was a great friend to you Majid and will be sadly missed. Hugs

Marcus said...

So sad.

Cats will be missed greatly and fondly remembered. He was a happy, lovely, crazy cat. I understand how much cats meant to you. He will always be with us.