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Monday, 28 January 2013

Dinner And Leftovers For Lunch at Anton's

Anton's Pasta Bar has been serving Vancouverites since 1983. Most of us have visited it. Those who have not, it is worth the trip for at least the experience if not the food.

With no reservations policy and 30 years of popularity, it is not the easiest place to get into. But on a Monday night?

Yes, the line up was there on a cold January Monday night. But at least the wait was under 20 minutes and the servers were very attentive to us from the time we stood in line till we left.

So what's so special about Anton's?

Well, those who have been there know all about it. But if you have not been there, the key feature is the size of the meal.

An endless selection of pastas and sauces (with ability to mix and match on some), each plate that comes out of the kitchen can feed a family.

So for $15 - $17 dollars, you have a filling meal and you take home with you tomorrow's lunch and dinner. 

Not a bad deal at all.

The 33% who don't like it on Urban Spoon probably say it is not good food. But it is neither the worse quality pasta in the city. For the price, you are getting better value than many downtown restaurants.

It may not be one of my favourites, but will be eagerly back to Burnaby Mountain.

Anton's Pasta Bar
4260 Hastings Street
Burnaby, BC

Anton's Pasta Bar on Urbanspoon 

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