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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Given Up on Chicken Fricassee

I fell in love with Chicken Fricassee in St. Louis 2 years ago (Read Fancy Midwest Dinner).

During that year, I started a Fricassee cooking craze (Read Chicken Fricassee Volume 1 and Volume 2).

Disappointed by my craze, I consulted old America in Jean Anderson's Recipes from America's Restored Villages.

Recipe from Historic Fallsington Manor in Pennsylvania was promising; I gave it a shot.

Sauce rich with chicken broth, lemon, nutmeg, thyme and marjoram seemed to have all I needed for an almost perfect Fricassee.

Lots of mushrooms and egg sauce and I was ready for a taste test.

A step closer to my Fricassee love affair in St. Louis, but still a long way to go.

I think I will just give up and wait for a generous American cook to offer to cook me an authentic Chicken Fricassee.

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