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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Wacky Stuff

The first Wacky Thursday of the year is a tour of all the wacky stuff you'd find hiding throughout somerville kitchen. 

Starting in my closet, one finds an ancient hand woven, colourful (understatement) winter house slippers that I cannot live without despite the holes.

Moving out to le jardin (in my house slippers - no wonder they have holes in them), one plucks a radish right in the middle of winter (plucked on January 2, 2013).

On the way back to the kitchen, the kitchen patio turns into an extension of the fridge during winter with hanging baskets for fruit and vegetables and all the pop, juice, oils and vinegars that don't fit indoors.

The fridge, instead of accommodating what's on the patio, is home to more classy items such as the topping of cats' goodbye party cake (read Celebration of Life). This will stay  as a reminder of the bestest cats one could ever dream of having.

And since we are talking about cats, this is what you would find on my iPhone (click arrow to play video - 28 seconds of pure entertainment from catses).

Closing the fridge and the iPhone to open my bread basket (which is always filled with wacky stuff - read What's in my Bread Basket), the highlight today is licorice; lots of it (trying the out of sight, out of mind, but not working well). 

More wacky is a can of sardines you'd find in my pantry - where did this come from, what would I use it for and when remains a mystery.

Finally, the freezer seems to be the hoarder of the most normal stuff - meats, frozen beans, peas and chick peas, breads, pies and leftovers. But wait, here's a piece of mom's Kebbeh from April that I am holding on to as long as I can given how delicious it is (read Kebbeh Factory). 

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