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Friday, 1 February 2013

Belated Holiday Celebration

February 1 is not that far away from the holiday season to have the last (or is it the first) of the holiday celebrations.

The choice of the venue is Raincity Grill with the added bonus of having the place to ourselves with a belated holiday party.

Everyone was drooling over the pulled pork poutine - two platters showed up throughout the table and cleaned quickly.

My appetizer was a farm beet root salad with 'farm' beets and 'farm house' goat cheese. It tasted delicious but sure did not look like coming off a farm with those hand placed beets slices.

The main was a smoked salmon open faced sandwich over brioche.

Other than the brioche; excellent ingredients making you believe those salmon, cheeses and greens did not travel far to the table.

With two bottles of wine, two hours off work, and 2.5 courses, no one was up for dessert. But it was a fine choice for our holiday celebration.

Raincity Grill
1193 Denman Street
Vancouver, BC

Raincity Grill on Urbanspoon

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