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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Diverse Lunar New Year Celebration

Lunar New Year was celebrated with lots of spice at somerville kitchen.

Of course Chinese food was served, but a variety of close-by countries and cultures' foods were also thrown in the mix.

The kick off was Chinese Dim Sum.

And no, I did not make them. A package of frozen selection of dim sum was perfectly steamed at home as a start of our celebration.

A very spicy and tasty No Sha Phin (beef with rice noodles) from the Himalayan rim.

Spiced with onions, garlic, shallots, ginger and red and green chilli... just imagine the taste.

The palettes were cleansed with Hogy, a cucumber salad from Bhutan.

This was a no dressing salad - simply mixing cucumbers, green chilli, onions and crumbled 'farmers' cheese.

The Tsasha Maro was an Indian-Chinese influenced chicken curry.

Cooked with fresh tomatoes and spiced with ginger, onions, garlic and red chilli - another amazing taste to the menu.

The rice was multinational indeed (yet not sure how related to countries celebrating Lunar New Year).

Samith Pilau is a recipe from Armenians in Calcutta with an Iranian influence.

Lots of dill, so just imagine.

And the evening ended back in China with typical dried fruit Chinese New Year celebration sweets.

An enjoyable meal to cook, eat and share. Happy Lunar New Year.

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