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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Welcome Traveller

A traveller dear to the heart of my dear lovely neighbour was welcomed at somerville kitchen tonight.

A spread worthy of welcoming a traveller and first time visitor to somerville kitchen was put out.

Kebbeh, humus, manakeesh, cheese and spinach fatayer, bamieh bi zeit and pickles were our mezza.

Served with Arak and wine, the traveller was reminded that some lamb kababs are on their way.

Kababs were served with more humus and a platter of Fatoush. The lamb kabobs were perfectly sized, grilled indoors and enjoyed to the last piece. But the feast really became a feast when Lady K brought out the Argileh as I prepared for dessert.
Dessert was a decadent delicious Vanilla Delight cake from Trafiq with real vanilla beans extracts. Amazing production.

I love it when guests don't leave any food behind. A perfect feast indeed.

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