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Friday, 1 March 2013

Iranian Macaroni

It was such a pleasure to see Lady K walking in with groceries on the end of a horribly busy week.

On the menu was an authentic Iranian Macaroni. I have heard about this dish for years and have been waiting for it for eight months. I was now smiling from ear to ear.

In the kitchen so effortlessly and elegantly, Lady K was cooking and spicing the meat (lamb & beef mix), the pasta (only one special size from the Iranian store counts), the tomatoes, the tomato paste; until a really thick sauce was produced.

Now the art of layering the Iranian Macaroni started. A layer of oil, potato slices (Iranians and I love the crunchy potatoes under cooking), pasta, sauce, more pasta and more sauce. 

Three musketeers anxiously awaited the meal to be served as it heated covered the Iranian way with a kitchen cloth under the lid. Our patience was extremely well rewarded once this beautiful, colourful, delicious, flavourful, crunchy, fascinating (did I mention delicious) and exotic pasta plate was served.
Lots of thanks lovely Lady K.

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