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Monday, 8 April 2013

Healthy Labneh and Decadent Arishé

Labneh is a very Lebanese concept. 

It is not yogurt nor eaten like yogurt. It is also not cream cheese or close to any cheese.

It is simply Labneh - for a simple and healthy breakfast.

First, how to make it:

Put a sieve on top of a container to catch liquid.

Line the sieve with paper towels (this is the modern way of making Healthy Labneh).

Add 1 tsp salt to a container of plain yogurt (any kind) and mix well.

Pour the salted yogurt on the paper towels.

Leave somewhere cool or in the fridge for 8 - 10 hours.

Carry the thickened yogurt in the paper towels and see it slip beautifully in a container.

Drizzle olive oil on top.

Now, how to eat it:

Best as a spread on any bread and eaten as a sandwich.

Olives, tomatoes, mint, dried mint, pickles, cucumbers, lettuce, zaatar, fresh thyme, basil; all go very well (not necessarily all together) with Labneh.

Give it a try, it is easy to make, easy on the stomach and good for your body.

In Lebanon, as kids, we always started the day with a Labneh sandwich; and this remains to be my preferred breakfast option over cereal (and when you think about it, it offers similar nutrients excluding the sugar).

What about the left over liquid in the container? Don't throw it away, keep it in the fridge and tune back tomorrow for the Decadent Arishé recipe.


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