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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Pizza Night

The reason Pizza Nights have not taken place at somerville kitchen recently is that all those big chain pizza delivery places are disappointing - call centres who knows where, expensive, late. But a trip to Urban Spoon found me Ragazzi.

Great website, good selection, polite people on the phone and excellent prices. How could I resist ordering less than three pizzas (did you know that pizzas freeze really well?)

The Margherita was good. A bit too much cheese and oil with the basil baked right into it (but keeping its distinct Margherita taste). 

The Pepperonata was overly salty and oily - did not go down well.

The one I created with ham and pineapple was my favourite - nice cheese flavour to it (wonder what cheese they used or whether I ordered some kind of special cheese and don't remember).

A survey of tasters landed an almost equal preference between my creation and Margherita. Hmmmm, would I order again from Ragazzi

Ragazzi Pizza
2996 East 22nd Avenue
Vancouver, BC

Ragazzi Pizza Co on Urbanspoon


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