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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Weekend Chefs - Part 4 of 4

... Continued from Weekend Chefs - Part 3 of 4 (Click HERE to read).

Dinner was about to be served and all were still not sure what Lady K was cooking.

The Martian Goddess who left her head on Mars and came to visit us was still standing on the kitchen counter, except it was fully roasted.

Lady K continued to intrigue as to what was going on until....

... the Martian Goddess started delivering a baby. Now it was time to freak out and prepare for the Martian invasion.

But the baby turned out to be a beer can.

Yes, Lady K cooked a Beer Chicken. 

And she expected everyone around the table to be familiar with Beer Chicken recipe and how it works.

Frankly, I thought Lady K's brain was poisoned by the Martian Goddess who left her head on Mars.

But supposedly this is a popular recipe (31,300,000 hits on Google search) where a chicken is marinated in beer then roasted standing up, helped by the beer can.

But delivering the beer can did not go without complications, that a cesarean section was in order.

The beer can, unfortunately, did not survive. But what survived were very moist chicken pieces unlike any other roasted chicken I have tried.

Great work Lady K.

But that was only the beginning of the meal. There were four dishes in total served (providing a delicious meal and leftovers for the week).

The first was the beer chicken.

Second; a romaine lettuce and blue cheese salad; elegantly presented.

Third we had cheese rolls with different cheese taste in every bite.

Fourth, last, but not least was the hearty Iranian macaroni.

Thank you Lady K for the fun evening and all the food. No wonder blogger collapsed; protected from the Martian Goddess who left her head on Mars by the Martian catses.

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