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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Shelving the Catses

"Mello readers" says one of the catses, "Mey human loves anything that has letters of mew-b-mew-o-mew-o-mew-k".

"Mello readers" says the other catses, "Meys human is ignoring catses, mewing day and night, to writes tree articles on tree days on mew-b-mew-o-mew-o-mew-k-mew-s".

"Enough gossip catses" says the human, "If not for what you call mew-b-mew-o-mew-o-mew-k-mew-s, there will be no shelves for you catses to spend your time shelving yourselves to hide from me, find leftover crunchies and pounce on each other".

"And yes my readers" continues the human, "you will be reading three articles on books the next three days, starting with catses and their books". 

So read on...

Catses like to squeeze themselves in the tightest parts of the shelves

Or pretend to be bookends so I freak out thinking one of the catses is lost

One catses uses the utmost charm on one shelf

While hides the other catses from being caught in the act of mischief 

Oh those adorable catses, thank you VOKRA for rescuing them.


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