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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Susie's Snowballs

Susie, the princess catses of somerville kitchen, likes to be noticed.

When she is not showing off on somerville TV, she is inventing sweet desserts as white as hers. 

Those are Susie's Snowballs.

Many ingredients go into Susie's Snowballs.

They usually all come out. Orders are placed and Susie goes to work.

The most popular snowball is vanilla ice cream topped with home made blackberry syrup.

Mine and Susie's favourite snowball though is one that mixes yogurt, ice cream, rice pudding and rose water. You are very creative my princess catses.

But in the mornings, we both like our crunchies and so Susie makes me a Nature's Path Carrot Cake Love Crunch with honey yogurt; a healthy kickoff for the day.

Thank you Susie, no wonder you are always tired. 

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