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Monday, 22 April 2013

Weekend Chefs - Part 3 of 4

... Continued from Weekend Chefs - Part 2 of 4 (Click HERE to read).

The next weekend chef was Lady K.

Lady K was in the mood to cook. She was also in the mood to have fun cooking. And let's not forget being in the mood to make everyone wonder what is being cooked.

What would your brain conjure faced by a chicken standing up on your kitchen counter?

Mine went to a Martian Goddess who left her head on Mars and came to visit us.

But I regress. So what was Lady K cooking?

All the spices came out onto the counter with...a can of beer.

A sampler of every jardin herb was soaking in vegetable soap.

There were products that were labeled in any language other than our official languages.

Every type of cheese, creamy and hard, white, yellow and blue, sheep, cow and goat came out of the fridge and were mixed together in one bowl.

And a pot was cooking something; covered in the traditional Iranian fashion of a towel wrapped around the cover.

So what was Lady K cooking? The answer was go out into jardin and smell some flowers.

And my dear readers, tune back tomorrow for the answer.

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