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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

An Italian Kind of Week - L'Antipasto

I was shamed because I said I have not heard of Yaletown L'Antipaso. The hottest new spot in Yaletown is a favourite of my favourite ad agency in the city; so I was bound to try it.

Family owned (3+ family members work there including the mama chef); all sauces and dishes made fresh on site. What is not, is imported from Italy. 

With an email address handle "goodtimes", you know you are dealing with hip, fun, yet very authentic food reasonably priced for the location.

With one more try, Yaletown L'Antipasto will sure make it to my list of Favourite Places

Served with Italian charm: Carpaccio drizzled with “Gocce di Tartufo” white Truffle oil; "an oil I smell in my dreams" according to my lunch guest. Served with home made oil preserved vegetables.  Impeccabile

Served with Italian pride: Risotto alla Pescatora with the most expensive and fresh seafood in the city. Divino.

 Served with Italian hospitality: Mama's meatball spaghetti - Delizioso.

Served with Italian smilesGigli Primavera - beautifully shaped pastas from Florence with tomato sauce and creamy Burrata Mozzarella from Puglia that melts beautifully and mixes in the sauce. There are no words to describe it; you just have to try it.

Yaletown L'Antipasto
1127 Mainland
Vancouver, BC

Yaletown L'Antipasto on Urbanspoon 


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