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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Kirin Downtown This Time Around

Kirin, one of the best dim sums in the city. I have previously wrote about Kirin City Square dim sum (Read Dim Sum & Holiday Kick Off).

But this time it was Kirin Downtown, the original since 1987. It had a complete face lift for the Winter Olympics a couple of years ago. It is now even more elegant than I recall it when I first tried it in 1995.

Their dim sum menu varies slightly by location, but the quality of the food remains exceptional.

So what was on the dim sum mini feast today?

The sticky rice with pork and dried scallops (Excellent).

And a good deep fried tender scallion pork and curd roll.

The manager or head server, Sam, has been here for 21 years and have seen both the city and the restaurant change over time.

"What made you continue to work here for so long?" I asked.

Sam just likes the place, the job and the food. It was so refreshing to see someone completely content with keeping a job for 21 years. No wonder this restaurant excels on both food and service.

Okay, back to the dim sum. The green onion pastry looked more like a donut than a Chinese pastry. A unique taste of the day.

My favourite was the deep fried eggplant with minced prawn and black bean sauce.

And did you know that this bottle of Remi Martin is priced at $2300?

Snatchers, don't get your hope up, it is emptied from the original content and replaced probably by some Chinese tea.

Kirin Restaurant
1172 Alberni Street
Vancouver, BC

Kirin Mandarin Restaurant 麒麟川菜館 on Urbanspoon



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