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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Wacky Block

A perfect block for Wacky Thursdays.

And I am not talking about the block of Fraser Street that I was on, even though that is a wacky block indeed.

I am talking about a meal I had at Angel Cake Café called Gold Block, a.k.a. Wacky Block.

What is a Gold Block you ask? It is a block of bread, emptied, toasted and filled with something or another (my filling choice was curry chicken made with lots of salt and artificial Chinese curry flavours).

But it was decadent, filling and fun to eat.

It is definitely a sight. 

And you won't miss on any piece of the bread block since the inside is also tasted and serves to keep the filling warm.

It is a genuine idea for sure. They have a Cheese Gold Block, a Beef Brisket Gold Block and the Chicken Curry one.

Yes, Angle Cake Café is worth the trip. It is a typical Chinese diner, with both Chinese and North American food. The portions are large. The prices are excellent.

Next time I am trying the Chicken Gordon Blue.

And that is not where the fun ends at the Angel Cake Café.

I hear their breakfast, lunch or dinner specials are so large that can feed two for under $8.00.

I personally enjoyed their fresh watermelon juice. I am still not sure whether this was purely a good frozen watermelon or watermelon juice with added sugar.

One side of the café is dedicated to desserts which look way better and tastier than any of the Chinese bakeries in the neighbourhood.

Cash only; worth a try for cheap food and fun outing.

Angel Cake Café
5995 Fraser Street
Vancouver, BC

Angel Cake Cafe on Urbanspoon

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