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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Three In One

A generous spirit and skillful cook are only a couple of the great attributes of our host.

Sweating over a very cute and fully functioning old stove, our host organized a birthday celebration for three dearest friends and opened the home to the birthday boys and girl and all their friends.

On the menu was an Iranian chicken stew with Iranian rice and Iranian salad. This was accompanied with an Iranian meat loaf aromatically saffron tasting.

And not to mention the beautifully laid out appetizer spread with threaded halloum.

 A sign of a good party is when the kitchen becomes the party hub.

And this was the case as all refilled their wine glasses admiring the stove that keeps on giving.

Cakes started flowing. One cake for each birthday person, flavour matching their character.
Mango Cake, Fruit Cake and Coffee Cake - so you can imagine the fun types at this party.

Great times were had, and happy stomachs packed. Thank you our most gracious and generous host.

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