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Monday, 27 May 2013

Whistler Food

A night in Whistler. A day of fun (and work). A lovely room with a fireplace.

I should have just bought a frozen pizza, heated it up and ate it in-front of the fire.

But no, I wanted to hit all the conference parties instead.

End of event drinks were served with the usual pub fare - nachos, chicken wings and a really good pizza (that I now regret skipping).

And that was way better food than the welcome reception fare.

Now after all of this, I needed a good dinner. No good restaurant in site (how did we impress the world at the Olympics with this restaurant choice, I don't know). Regretfully I chose the hotel's restaurant (The Westin).

The seafood sampler took 45 minutes to appear. I asked to skip the lobster and they replaced it with a slice of lemon. Another 25 minutes before the taste-like-leather chicken arrived. 'the kitchen is busy tonight' - lame excuse!

I am so glad my business travel is down 90% (read more bad food on the road at Eating on The Road).

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