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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Car Free Day on Main - Continued

(Read yesterday's article Car Free Day on Main as the beginning of the story.)

Well, the continuation of the tour on Main Street became more entertaining.

But as I decided to not get political, who do I run into but our Queen herself.

After giving her a neck bow, I asked (and was granted) a permission to take a shot. See how clear her skin is despite her age.

Okay, the tour on Main Street continues with my favourite retailers.

Vancouver Animal Wellness Hospital - by far the best veterinarian hospital in the city (and forgiven for not having any cats at their tent).

The newest addition to Main Street is a honey store - The Main Street Honey Shoppe bringing all sorts of honey and bee products to the neighbourhood.

And my favourite butcher Windsor Quality Meats Meat Men on Main (as they call themselves) were out on the street capturing line ups of more men (is it a Butcher or a gay club, one asks oneself).  

And of course, my favourite of all favourites Main Street stops - Shaktea extending its charming ambiance to the streets.

While nowhere near Main, The World in A Garden is a beautiful educational urban farm and garden in Kerrisdale that I discovered recently and fell in love with. 

One cannot forget the most unique Regional Assembly of Text when one is on Main (and where a big chunk of my pay cheque goes every month). If you think the typewriter is hip, check out their Letter Typing club on the first Thursday of each month.  

Out of the blues, the cutest tent on the street caught my eye - Cocolico, a manufacturer of chocolate bars and sauces that are added to my to-try list.

And that brings us to the end of my Car Free Day on Main tour, without being political again (well, almost).

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