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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Car Free Day on Main

"Why would you do car free day in all neighbourhoods on the same day" I ask. The response from the organizers was something about treating it as a one festival and allowing people to showcase their communities, blah blah. I think there should be one every Sunday in a different neighbourhood throughout the summer. But let's not get political.

Well, it was an easy choice for me - Main Street it is. Not only it is walking distance for me, but Main Street is my neighbourhood of choice every weekend, so why change now.

What I like about Main Street is the abundance of retailers with locally made clothing including my favourite men's clothing store - Motherland. But who cares about shopping when you can explore more interesting topics such as Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project.

With or without foreskin, life can be much better if all businesses were cooperatives, allowing us all to share the wealth and build better communities.

My favourite cooperative remains Modo Car Coop of which I have been a member for over a decade. So if you want car sharing, forget about the multinational Zip and support a local car sharing cooperative.

And since we are on the topic, I think everyone should leave their bank and join a credit union. It is interesting to see two credit unions on Main Street versus only one bank - this is how it should be all over Canada. So do yourself a favour and switch to a credit union today

No wonder the only politician on the street was my NDP MP Don Davis. (Didn't I start my article saying let's not get political?).

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