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Saturday, 8 June 2013

The New Farmers Market on The Block

Just when I thought I visited and reviewed most of the famers' markets in the city, a new one pops up - River District Farmers Market.

Not only you feel very welcomed with Marley Coffee's Bike Café, you can put all your worries behind by enjoying the beautiful Fraser River scenery as you shop.

Also, it is less crowded than other markets yet still have close to 50 vendors rotating over the summer and, whether imagined or real, better prices than other Farmers Markets.

And with less crowds, you end up having a chance to chat to the vendors. I just loved the two ladies from one of the Abbotsford farms. And not to mention the lovely bakeress with delicious goodies, with or without gluten, but all baked with organic ingredients and free range eggs.

It is here I discovered Lifebites snacks. They are simply dehydrated bananas (but soft) dipped in dark chocolate and rolled into either hemp seed or coconut. I will be picking up a few bags next time I see them there.

And the discoveries go on. I cannot wait to go back and you my readers are sure to hear about River District Farmers' Market again.

River District Farmers Market
8683 Kerr Street
Vancouver, BC
Every Saturday until October 26 - 10:00 am - 3:00 pm


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